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Born in 1937, I began my career as a cub reporter on a local paper in Brentford, covering everything from fetes to football. However, my big break occurred in 1969 when The Sunday Times colour magazine published my piece on being a hopelessly undomesticated young wife which resulted in landing a column for The Sunday Times newspaper which lasted for over 13 years, followed by 5 years on The Mail On Sunday.

My first book, How to Stay Married, was published in 1969. Since then, I have written romantic novels, children’s books and non-fiction, but am probably best known for The Rutshire Chronicles, the chart bursting series that includes Riders, Rivals and Polo, and my most recent best seller, Tackle!

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Rupert Campbell-Black, all-conquering racehorse owner-trainer and handsomest man in England, is in the darkest of places. His adored wife, Taggie, is about to undergo chemotherapy. His beloved leading stallion has been assassinated.

Now his daughter Bianca is badgering him to buy into a failing local football club, Searston Rovers, so he can sign up her superstar striker boyfriend, Feral Jackson, and he and Bianca can return home from Perth to look after Taggie.

Let the scandals, sabotage and seductions begin…

Praise for Jilly

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Diving headfirst into the heady, bitchy, cut-throat world of 1980s independent television we're granted a front row seat to the political power play between our characters both brand new and beloved, including serial heartbreaker Rupert Campbell-Black, as two rival groups battle to win the much sought after Corinium franchise.

This TV adaptation of Rivals, written by Dominic Treadwell-Collins and Laura Wade, and produced by Happy Prince, will bring a modern day lens to the 1980s - a time when the affluent elite existed in a bubble of immense wealth and power, and would use any means to get what they wanted.