Published: 1981


Little Mabel’s Great Escape

Illustrated by Timothy Jacques

To Mabel, and her revolting Dad, a stay in the kennels while the family is on holiday seems like being sent to a prison camp – wire fences, yapping inmates, starvation rations and snarling guard dogs. A break-out is the only answer.

Dad, who has been Colditz on television, takes command – and a rest, while Mabel unwittingly gets to work on the tunnel.

Overhead the guard dogs patrol. Can Mabel and her Dad make good their escape?

Will Mabel’s mother, the tall and beautiful police dog, come to their rescue? Will Dad’s love of dustbinning save them from disaster? Or are they doomed to serve out their time?

Note from Jilly: Unfortunately this book is out of print and no longer being published. However, you may be able to purchase a copy from a used bookseller or a second-hand marketplace such as AbeBooksEbay or World of Books.

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