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Published: 1985


Hotfoot To Zabriskie Point

Under the blazing sun of Arizona and Nevada, two extraordinary talents fused to create Hotfoot to Zabriskie Point. With three exquisite model and a crew of lively personalities Patrick Lichfield, supremely gifted photographer, and vivacious Jilly Cooper travelled in pursuit of twelve perfect shots for the prestigious Unipart Calendar.

For this book Patrick Lichfield has selected his own favourite pictures out of thousands that were taken – ever one of which raise the art of photographing landscape and human form to new heights.

But as the search for perfection is never without its excitement, especially in locations as extreme as Zabriskie Point and Death Valley. Jilly Cooper, with her unique eye for details and wicked  insights in to human nature, provides a day by day commentary that brings alive the staggeringly beautiful scenery and documents the ups and downs of a disparate group of creative people working together; moments of real tension and frustration, the triumph of getting it right, the collapse into hilarity Рsometimes unintentional. Totally involved with the team, always understanding, unfailingly funny, Jilly Cooper shows what goes on behind the final immaculate images.

For the colour photographs chosen and reproduced here are indeed superb, and represent a new and exciting phase in the photography which Patrick Lichfield’s camera has raised to an art form.

A little note from Jilly:

Unfortunately this book is out of print and is no longer being published. However, you may be able to purchase a copy from a used bookseller or a second-hand marketplace such as AbeBooks, Amazon, Ebay or World of Books.

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