Published: 1999

#6 in the series


Sir Robert Rannaldini, the most successful but detested conductor in the world, had two ambitions: to seduce his ravishing nineteen-year-old stepdaughter Tabitha Campbell-Black, and to put his mark on musical history by making the definitive film of Verdi’s darkest opera, Don Carlos.

As Rannaldini, Tristan, his charismatic French director, a volatile cast and bolshy French crew gather at Rannaldini’s haunted abbey for filming, it is inevitable that violent feuds, abandoned bonking, temperamental screaming, and devious plotting will ensue.

But although everyone wished Rannaldini dead, no one actually thought the Maestro would be murdered.

Or that after the dreadful deed some very bizarre things would continue to occur.

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Absolutely wonderful, such fun and so busy and gossipy

Penny Vincenzi

Has all the usual Cooper ingredients, fantastically attractive male and female characters, lots of extra-marital affairs, and dollops of good humour

Linda Roberts, Daily Mail

A deliciously funny, lusty, rip-roaring read with the added dimension of suspense and murder

Good Housekeeping

Romance, glamour, seismic sex and delightful comedy…this book is a slice of heaven: pure, blissful escapism

Kate Saunders, New Statesman

I drew back in alarm when told on its jacket that Score! was wildly funny, unashamedly romantic, terrifyingly creepy. I pressed on bravely nonetheless, and found that Score! is indeed all these things and more

John Bayley, Spectator

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Like all her books. I'm re-reading them!


Good pace, enough intrigue to keep the reader wanting to turn the page to know what happened, excellent ending to satisfy the most romantic reader.


There is no author like her, talented, clever, educated, knowledgeable and enormously funny.


I loved, hated, laughed and cried with the characters and animals. Felt I was there. Sorry it finished.

Katy S.

Re-reading these books from my twenties and it's wonderful to rediscover old characters written by the fabulous Jilly Cooper.