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Two schools: Bagley Hall, wild, ultra-smart independent, crammed with the children of the famous, and Larkminster Comprehensive, demoralised, cash-strapped and sinking fast.

Janna Curtis, the young, feisty and highly attractive new head, drafted in to save the failing Larkminster comp, faces a daunting task. Her pupils are out of control, her teachers bolshy, and Larks’s prime site has made it the target for greedy developers. She detests private education, but to rescue Larks she will go to any lengths – even forming a partnership with Bagley Hall and its arrogant but utterly gorgeous headmaster, Hengist Brett-Taylor.

Hengist, in turn, knows that sharing his school’s magnificent facilities with Larkminster Comp will not only bring him vast tax concessions, it will also ensure frequent meetings with the tempestuous but captivating Janna. Teachers and parents are horrified by suh a bonding, but for the pupils, the scheme provides joyous opportunity for scandalous behaviour.

Will our heroine emerge with her heart and her school intact?

Reviews ▾

‘Simply enjoy the wicked pleasures Cooper does so well’
– The Observer

‘The perfect beach companion’
– Daily Mail

‘Hilarious, heart warming and intensely moving’
– Yorkshire Post

‘My reading of Jilly Cooper’s Wicked! was not guiltily pleasurable – it was just pleasurable …. a brilliantly refreshing read’
– Observer

‘The perfect summer read … with Cooper’s trademark puns, a massive cast and lots of sex – it’s a winner’
– Daily Express

‘An absolute joy’
– In Dublin

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‘ I remember the first time I read WICKED like it was yesterday. My husband had taken the boys to Florida for a week and I had the house to myself. I cleaned like a maniac the first 3 days and then felt justified in being a total slob the rest of the time as I whiled away the hours reading my huge book. I loved every precious second of it. The last chapter took the longest as I tried to draw it out as long as possible. ‘
– Carol Marques

‘Wicked!, inspired me deeply. Although I’m Turkish I could feel characters’ troubles set out through the book easily and appreciated the points you have so cleverly highlighted.’
– Koray Kortun (Istanbul, Turkey)

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