How to Survive Christmas

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Christmas is looming. Will your mother-in-law present you with yet another hideous jersey this year? How are you going to cope with Granny’s peke or the undesirable in-laws? Has the row about where to spend the holiday already started, and it’s only August? Jilly Cooper has the answer to everything.

Whether you should seek refuge in the cooking sherry or suggest a wholesome family walk, Jilly offers, in her own irrepressible style, sound but often hilarious advice about how to get through the roller-coaster ride we call Christmas.

With the help of the perfect Christmas family – Scarlett O’Aga, the Xmasochistic housewife, her wayward husband Noel, his seductive mistress Ms Stress, their four delightful children Holly, Robin, Carol and Nicholas, and their dog Difficult Patch, we learn how to survive this most demanding of occasions.

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‘Might just be the very thing (eggnog aside) to get you through the to the festivities with mind, body and soul intact’ – Scottish Daily Record

‘The festive troubleshooting makes jolly Jilly good sense. Lots of lines to make you snort into your sherry’
– Good Housekeeping

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‘I love this book I’ve had it for years and fish it out every November to get me in the mood for the madness of “the festive season” all Jilly’s usual characters are here, you won’t be disappointed’
– June Wallace

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