Women and Superwomen cover

Published: 1974


Women and Super Women

Having done a thorough destruction job on men in Men and Super Men, Jilly Cooper now turns her forked typewriter onto her own sex.

Jilly has the courage to put down what many people think but dare not admit.

Few women escape her attention. In public and private, home, office or bed, none escapes her beady eye- from debs to divorcees, models to maiden aunts, tarts to Tory ladies, this is Jilly Cooper’s brilliantly funny guide to the female sex, and she is both brilliantly funny and full of sound common sense.

This book will add to the host of her admirers, and most certainly to her enemies – other super women.

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Good light read, very entertaining and so apt, every woman should be able to relate to it. Recommended to all my friends.


Can't go wrong with Jilly!

Lizzie B.

A humorous, tongue in cheek, description of different types of women.


Usual witty humour from Jilly Cooper.