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First published in the 1970s, Jilly’s romance series of novels BellaOctaviaImogenEmilyPrudence and Harriet are the perfect read for fans of Bridget Jones or Jane Austen.

Later additions to the series include a collection of short stories, entitled Lisa & Co, and Araminta’s Wedding, inspired by the drawings of Sue Macartney-Snape.

Praise for Jilly

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Diving headfirst into the heady, bitchy, cut-throat world of 1980s independent television we're granted a front row seat to the political power play between our characters both brand new and beloved, including serial heartbreaker Rupert Campbell-Black, as two rival groups battle to win the much sought after Corinium franchise.

This TV adaptation of Rivals, written by Dominic Treadwell-Collins and Laura Wade, and produced by Happy Prince, will bring a modern day lens to the 1980s - a time when the affluent elite existed in a bubble of immense wealth and power, and would use any means to get what they wanted.