Bella cover

Published: 1976



There was no doubt Bella Parkinson was a success: the most promising actress in London, bright, sexy – and hopelessly scatterbrained – she was taking the town by storm.

Rupert Henriques, dashingly handsome and wealthy enough to buy her every theatre in London if she wanted it, couldn’t wait to marry her…

But Bella had a secret in her past – and the one man who knew it was about to come into her life again. Worse, Rupert’s sinister cousin Lazlo, for some reason of his own, was trying to prevent her marriage.

Before she knew where she was, Bella found herself in real danger…

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It's a beautiful book: very well written, with great mixture of dialogue and descriptions. The story keeps developing, so it's impossible to put the book down...


Gripping story line - excellent for a short read - you will not want to put the book down!


I wish Jilly would do some more like these. They are like a grown up version of Mills & Boon without the panting and heaving breasts!


Just pick up one of these if you are down in the dumps or overwhelmed with academic reading. Jilly is erudite and fun.