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No picture ever came more beautiful than Raphael’s Pandora. Discovered by a dashing young lieutenant, Raymond Kelvedon in a Normandy Chateau in 1944, she had cast her spell over his family – all artists and dealers – for fifty years. Hanging in a turret of their lovely Cotswold house, Pandora witnessed Raymond’s tempestuous wife Galena both entertaining a string of lovers, and giving birth to her four children: Jupiter, Alizarin, Jonathan and superbrat Sienna.

Then an exquisite stranger rolls up, claiming to be a long-lost daughter of the family, setting the three Belvedon brothers at each other’s throats. Accompanying her is her fatally glamorous boyfriend, whose very different agenda includes an unhealthy interest in the Raphael. During a fireworks party, the painting is stolen.

The hunt to retrieve it takes the reader on a thrilling journey to Vienna, Geneva, Paris, New York and London. After a nail-biting court case and a record-smashing Old Masters sale at Sotheby’s, passionate love triumphs and Pandora is restored to her rightful home.

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‘Open the covers of Jilly Cooper’s latest novel and you lift the lid of a Pandora’s box. From the pages flies a host of delicious and deadly vices…Cooper’s sheer exuberance and energy are contagious’ – The Times

‘This is Jilly in top form with her most sparkling novel to date’ – Evening Standard

‘Pandora is the best book Jilly has produced since Rivals…the action is priceless’ – Sunday Express

‘Triumphantly good’- The Sunday Times

‘She’s irresistible…Like Harvey Nicks and the promise of romantic dalliance, she frees you from the daily drudge and deposits you in an alternative universe where love, sex and laughter rule’- Independent on Sunday

‘The whole thing is a riot – vastly superior to anything else in a glossy cover’ – Daily Telegraph

‘There is enough plot for several novels here (enough sex for dozens), all vividly conveyed in the author’s excitable style…Her many fans will not be disappointed’ – Literary Review

‘Full of fun and sex – and quite unputdownable. This is Jilly at her irrepressible best’ – Publishing News

‘One reads her for her joie de vivre, her maudlin romanticism, her love of arty references and her razor sharp sense of humour. Oh, and the sex’ – New Statesman

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