Published: 1980


Violets And Vinegar

If you look at most of the well-known dictionaries of quotations, you will find that women are sparsely represented – being responsible for no more than ten per cent of the items included.

Now, to redress the balance, Jilly Cooper and Tom Hartman in Violets & Vinegar have gathered together their own selection of female quotations. The pieces they have chosen are a delicious blend of sweet and sour, ranging from prose and poetry of compelling beauty to prime cuts of kitsch and salvoes of pithy one-liners.

The result? A thoroughly entertaining anthology which proves to any who doubt it that women are at least amusing, moving and witty as men.


A little note from Jilly:

Unfortunately this book is out of print and is no longer being published. However, you may be able to purchase a copy from a used bookseller or a second-hand marketplace such as AbeBooks, Amazon, Ebay or World of Books.

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A wonderful collection of pithy observations. Excellent bedside book.