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As soon as Octavia caught a glimpse of Jeremy in the nightclub, she knew she just had to have him. It didn’t matter that he’d just got engaged to an old school friend of hers, plump, good natured Gussie; he was looking at Octavia in the way that suggested bed rather than breakfast, and she was weak at the knees… But Octavia was used to men falling in love with her at a moment’s notice – it happened all the time if you were as rich and as stunning as she was.

An invitation to join Gussie and Jeremy for a cozy weekend on a canal barge came like a gift from the gods. How could she fail to hook Jeremy? But the other part of the foursome was whizz-kid business tycoon Gareth Llewellyn, a swarthy Welshman with all the tenderness of a scrum-half…definitely not Octavia’s type! And one way and another, he certainly managed to thwart her plans…

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‘The Jane Austen of our time’ – Harpers and Queen

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‘As she shares my name I was immediately drawn to the eponymous heroine of your novella Octavia, and although I hope I am quite different to her I thought I would email you to say how much I love the book. My mother gave it to me a few years ago (I’m 17 now) and I have since read it hundreds of times. I never tire of imagining her trying to ‘ensnare’ Jeremy etc.’
– Octavia Sheepshanks

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