How to Stay Married cover

Published: 1969


How To Stay Married

A user’s guide to wedlock 

When Jilly Cooper, then a young Sunday Times journalist, was asked to write a book on marriage, she had been married to Leo Cooper for a mere seven years.

Reissued to coincide with the golden wedding anniversary of Jilly and Leo Cooper in 2011, with a new introduction by Jilly, and although the institution of marriage has changed a great deal since this book was first written, much of Jilly’s advice – frank, fearless, often hilarious, but always wise – still holds good.

From the wedding and the honeymoon to life afterwards, including how to deal with the in-laws and how to tell if your other half is having an affair, she dispenses anecdotes, jokes, common sense and endless optimism and fun.

Whether you are contemplating marriage, living together, or have been married as long as Jilly and Leo were, you will get plenty of good advice and humour in How to Stay Married.

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Absolute gem. My husband and I listened to this in the car during a long road trip and we are still quoting parts of it to each other.

Madre G.

Worth having, chiefly to laugh at how people used to think.


Light hearted read written in Jilly’s own truly entertaining style!


This was a book that kept me giggling for a good few hours, and one that kept being read out loud to hubby.