Published: 1985


Little Mabel Saves The Day

Illustrated by Timothy Jacques

‘A holiday in Somerset sounds lovely, like summer,’ thinks Little Mabel mongrel.

But when she gets there it’s cold, and full of fierce animals with spikes on their heads. And other strange animals too, like Sandra the fox, who show’s Mabel’s fat Dad around the local dustbins. Very bad news, thinks Little Mabel.

And she’s right. Dad’s closeness to Sandra gets him into trouble. When the hounds from the local meet get a whiff of his foxy smell they think he’s a fox, and the chase is on! But Little Mabel saves the day – with her head stuck firmly in a green welly.


A little note from Jilly:

Unfortunately this book is out of print and is no longer being published. However, you may be able to purchase a copy from a used bookseller or a second-hand marketplace such as AbeBooks, Amazon, Ebay or World of Books.

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