Harriet cover

Published: 1976



Shy, dreamy, and incurably romantic, Harriet Poole was shattered when her brief affair with Simon Villiers, Oxford’s leading playboy undergraduate, ended abruptly, leaving her penniless, alone and pregnant.

Still hopelessly in love with Simon, she took baby William and buried herself in deepest Yorkshire as nanny to the children of Cory Erskine, a somewhat eccentric scriptwriter.

Local tongues were just beginning to wag when a whole host of visitors began to arrive to disrupt Harriet’s peaceful routine: first Cory’s estranged wife Noel, hellbent on winning Cory back, then Cory’s glamorous brother Kit, whose old affair with Noel didn’t stop him making passes at Harriet, and finally, of all people, Simon…

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When you pick up a Jilly Cooper you're transported to a wonderful world of horses, dogs, the occasional cat and humans misbehaving in funny ways, and you can put your cares aside for a few hours.

Judith W.

Harriet is escapist romance at its traditional best – a ‘do they, don’t they; will they, won’t they’ story that Jane Austen would have been proud of!

Penny R.

My favourite Jilly Cooper. It is a delightful 70s romance with all the stereotypical elements. Fabulous!


Cute, romantic and warming - just want you want from Jilly Cooper.