Turn Right at the Spotted Dog cover

Published: 1987


Turn Right At The Spotted Dog

After going to live in the country Jilly Cooper wrote regularly for the Mail on Sunday for several years and this is a selection of her best pieces written at that time.

The topics she covers in her inimitable style range from the hunt balls and Henley to love and sex in the ages of AIDS.

She interviews Margaret Thatcher, Neil Kinnock, Lord Hailsham, the cast of Eastenders and the proprietress of a famous brothel in the Nevada desert and writes about her fellow human beings and their foibles provocatively, affectionately and sometimes outrageously.

Her portraits of family life in the Cooper household remain the most ruthless and hilarious of all.

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Each piece is just the right length to keep you entertained while waiting for your turn at the doctor's or dentist's and a great diversion too.


Always an amusing and entertaining read.

David H.

Full of highly interesting interviews.

John H.

Very entertaining - I couldn't put the book down.


As always, Jilly is brilliant!