Between the Covers cover

Published: 2020


Between the Covers

‘I’m not wild about holidays – they always seem a ludicrously expensive way of proving there’s no place like home.’

Jilly Cooper’s observations from her days as a much-loved newspaper columnist cover everything to do with sex, socialising and survival – from marriage, friendship and the minutiae of family life, to the tedium of going to visit people for the weekend, the stress of hosting dinner parties and the descent of middle age.

Entertaining and full of heart, this classic collection of journalism from the legendary author explores the highs and lows of everyday life with wit, wisdom and warmth.


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What better gift to give for Christmas than this wonderfully irreverent collection of the great Jilly Cooper's columns from the 60s?

The i

No one else can make me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, quite like Jilly Cooper

Gill Sims

Jilly Cooper's non-fiction is just as entertaining as her novels

Pandora Sykes

This book has given me so much pleasure

Alan Titchmarsh

Britain needs this jolly Jilly Cooper collection...Line after line, anecdote after anecdote is laugh-out-loud funny, the prose bouncing along like a labrador puppy

The Times

There are so many lifestyle columnists today, you forget that Cooper did it first and did it best

The Telegraph

A collection of Jilly Cooper's vintage newspaper columns is bitchy, sexy, insightful and, most of all, great fun


She is simply a legend

Daily Mail

Bitchy, saucy, insightful and, most of all, great fun


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Absolutely wonderful reading. Down to earth and a great timekiller during lockdown. Thank you Jilly Cooper!

Trevor P.

A nostalgic delight! I grew up reading Jilly Cooper and remember her columns from my parents’ copy of the Sunday Times.

Sam W.

So many humorous anecdotes from family life, dinner parties, friendships and work and really interesting to read about London life in her youth!

Sally T.

A good book to read a chapter a night at bedtime, very amusing.