Published: 1980


Little Mabel

Illustrated by Timothy Jacques

Little Mabel is a mongrel, her mother a tall and beautiful police dog, her father a common street dog with embarrassing habits. Poor Mabel goes to live with her Dad. ‘Next door’ owns an Afghan who looks down its long, pedigree nose at Mabel, who soon leans it is bad news to be a mongrel. She decides to run away.

An unfortunate encounter with the milkman’s horse and a random roller skate causes Mabel to disappear from her new home more suddenly than she had planned.

Chaos attends her flight, the Fire Brigade her return.  But the homecoming is a triumph, bringing Little Mabel the respectful admiration of all – even ‘Next Door’. Little Mabel has ‘arrived’.


A little note from Jilly:

Unfortunately this book is out of print and is no longer being published. However, you may be able to purchase a copy from a used bookseller or a second-hand marketplace such as AbeBooks, Amazon, Ebay or World of Books.

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